If you find electrical work or repairs that need doing at your residential or commercial property, do the wise thing and phone a professional like RL Electrical. We are here to help with a diverse range of electrical matters and offer premium-quality workmanship guaranteed and are licensed and insured to perform electrical work. Exceptional customer service is a mission of ours and we aim to please and achieve key results. Whether it be adding an additional power point, repairing an appliance, performing a Test and Tag or installing new wiring or re-wiring your property, RL Electrical are sure to handle it effectively. We work with clientele from residential areas to commercial and industrial and no job is too large or small for us to manage. We are ready and helpful with arranged pre-purchase inspections, organised appointments for repairs or electrical services and emergency services.

Our qualified and experienced Electrical contractors in Brisbane assess requirements and specifications and utilise their knowledge and expertise to conduct a thorough and efficient job. We conduct re-wiring of systems that are outdated or faulty somewhere within the system, repairs and installations. For a new residence or commercial establishment or for renovated areas that require new wiring, the RL Electrical team are abreast of the latest methodologies and techniques and equipped with quality material.

Our expertise in installation includes lighting, power points, switchboards and televisions; you name it, if it’s electrical, we’re onto it. We are equipped with the right tools and materials to achieve results and won’t disappoint with our premium-quality workmanship.

Why Shouldn’t You Do Electrical Work Yourself

In the age of technologies such as the internet and in particular, YouTube, it might be tempting to perform electrical work on your home yourself. After all, one can apparently learn to change a tyre from YouTube. However, when it comes to electrical work, don’t risk your safety and that of others in the house or commercial building, contact a professional such as the Electrical contractors in Brisbane at RL Electrical. It is a massive safety issue to try and perform electrical work yourself, one because it can be highly dangerous to you and others around you, two, because you can create a hazardous situation which requires emergency work and three, you void your insurance.

We are licensed and insured and given that we are highly-qualified and experienced, you don’t void your home insurance by letting us do your electrical work. If you do it yourself, you risk a fire or electrocution. If you come across an electrical hazard in your home or at your commercial office or establishment, know that getting a professional Electrical contractor in Brisbane will alleviate the potential of dangerous situations and the workmanship is insured.

Above all, safety matters and is a priority for you and your household or you and your team and RL Electrical adheres to Workplace, Health & Safety (WH&S) regulations and standards. Being licensed doesn’t just mean we are insured, it means we possess the qualifications and training to perform an outstanding job and we are fit to do so with efficiency and achieve successful results.

Quality Electrical Contractors In Brisbane

For a suitably-qualified, quality Electrical contractor in Brisbane, contact RL Electrical as we are here to assist. Some of the attributes of an Electrician might be obvious like technical capabilities and being technically-minded, having completed a traineeship or apprenticeship or a Certificate in Electrotechnology while others are less obvious.

Our team of Electrical contractors at RL Electrical in Brisbane not only are qualified but we have the qualities that make an expert. It is a hands-on, physical role that requires good physicality to perform the duties especially in certain areas of properties and technical abilities learned and natural to the Electrician. The ability to read, interpret and apply the technical diagrams for electrical work is important and excellent attention to detail is integral so you don’t miss a beat. And we don’t. Strong mathematical skills are typical of an Electrician and logical thinking applied to the work; a logical approach to various requirements of electrical work is a key attribute.

Furthermore, Electricians need to have good eyesight and normal colour vision as well as this is important when conducting electrical work particularly with wiring. Finally, a core attribute of an Electrician is the ability to communicate with clients and let them know the requirements and what needs to be done as well as the outcome. RL Electrical values our clientele and endeavour to actively communicate with our clients regarding quotations, invoices, requirements and workmanship.