Hiring an Electrician is a pretty straight forward process but some people only think about hiring an Electrician when it comes to the wiring in the house, they do not realise how the diversity of the role that Brisbane Electricians have and the kind of jobs that the attend. While some Electricians specialise in certain areas, often though in order to get the best jobs, they need to diversify their skills. Electricians are able do more than just help fix faulty wiring. Electricians can help with the installation of appliances, household and industrial; they can help with lighting and power points, hot water systems, swimming pool installation, switchboard installation and maintenance, electrical safety checks and inspections and a whole lot more. Some Brisbane Electricians will only work on industrial sites, while others are general household Electricians. Others are highly sought out and only available at certain times, others are emergency Electricians, meaning if something goes wrong, especially if it is dangerous like a hot water system blowing up or an exposed wire, they will come through and fix on the spot. There are also Electricians who work in data and communications, installing cables that transport information or internet/phone cables or working on installing intercom systems, speakers and free to air television outlets. The role of an Electrician is many and varied, with some specialising and working in a niche while others are just general Electricians who will come out to any job that’s called. RL Electrical is proud to have a team of highly-qualified Electricians who can cater for a diverse range of requirements and we achieve outstanding workmanship.

Looking After Home Appliances

Whether you had your home appliances installed yourself or you inherited them from the previous owners of the house, we all set out with the intention that we will keep everything clean, well maintained and operating as good as new. Unfortunately, while that seems like a noble endeavour, life does get in the way and before you know, those wonderful home appliances can become tired and dirty. Looking after your appliances though does add life to them and makes sure that are running safely and effectively. If neglected, not only will you possibly end up having to spend a lot more than you want fixing or replacing it, you maybe exposed to a safety hazard. This is why hiring Brisbane Electricians such as RL Electrical to service and maintain your appliances is a process that can save you money in the long run. Refrigerators, if they are not looked after, can have sealing issues and therefore end up costing you a lot of money in electricity fees and cause safety issues if the evaporator and condenser become to dusty and dirty. Washing machines can valve issues, causing the hose to leak and therefore not only upping your water bill but also damaging surrounding areas with water. Dishwashers can have the same issue with leakage. If you aren’t keeping your appliances well maintained and clean, the potential to issues on the long run is huge. If you are having issues keeping up to date or just want to make sure that everything is running efficiently, it is a good idea to hire Brisbane Electricians to perform safety checks on your appliances so you aren’t putting yourself either a) in danger or b) up for a lot money in the long run.

Reliable and Quality Workmanship

When hiring the services of any tradesperson, it is always a good idea to find somebody who is highly qualified, licensed and reliable. When you are looking through the list of Brisbane Electricians to find the right person for the job, making sure that you hire contractors that are experienced and dedicated to jobs not only right but to the highest level of service. Finding Brisbane Electricians that do an efficient job of testing and safety checks of appliances and electrical systems may not be cheap, but it is worth it. Look for electricians that know how to utilise a Portable Appliance Tester and work in accordance with Australian Standards. Testing includes insulation resistance, leakage current testing, polarity, Earth resistance and visual testing. This is important as an insulation resistance check makes sure the insulation is of high quality so it protects people from the live parts within an appliance and testing for leakage is important as it involves measuring any current leakage from an appliance while it is powered on. A polarity test is another important test to run as it is conducted on a flexible supply cord to ensure that the active and neutral wires are connected to the correct terminals. Making sure all of this in check ensures the safety of your appliances so nobody in your home or site is not exposed to any damaging electrical wires. RL Electrical is more than happy to help you with your electrical needs and we are well-equipped with the right trades tools and equipment and deliver exceptional service to each and every client.