While you may think that you can save a few dollars having a go at your own electrical work, you should stop and ask yourself, is it worth the risk? Electrical installations or equipment may be unknowingly left in an unsafe state.  Due to the hidden nature of some electrical faults, the danger may not be visible straight away. The danger often only becomes evident in a fault situation, or may even develop over time.

What Are The Consequences?

It is illegal to perform unlicensed electrical work and has penalties of up to $40,000 for individuals. A breach that places an individual to a risk of death or serious injury has a maximum penalty of $600,000 for an individual, $3,000,000 for a corporation, or five years imprisonment.

Electrical fire is also a real risk which can result in major property damage and therefore considerable financial and emotional costs. This is not to mention that insurance would be out the window as the cause of the fire would be due to illegal and unlicensed electrical work.

The biggest consequence of all involves the immediate danger of a person performing unlicensed electrical work and also the danger that person then places onto their loved ones. Electricity when not controlled is dangerous and as a result has the potential to cause serious harm or injury and worst case, death.

What Are The Benefits Of A Licensed Contractor?

We at RL Electrical Contractors are fully insured and licensed to perform and deliver electrical services. We have years of experience and knowledge of the electrical standards in order to provide safe and reliable electrical services for our customers.


Never attempt to do your own electrical work. It is illegal and dangerous to yourself and your family. Always get a licensed electrician to do any electrical work and don’t take the risk. Call us at RL Electrical Contractors today if you would like any more information on this matter or if you would like us to help you with any of your electrical needs.