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Electrical emergencies are often unavoidable and must be serviced by an emergency electrician Northside Brisbane. Attempting to address an electrical emergency without the presence of a qualified professional could be dangerous and potentially make matters worse. The team of licenced electricians at RL Electrical Contactors are specialists in emergency services and always intend to make your safety their number one priority. 

After hiring an emergency electrician Northside Brisbane from RL Electrical Contractors, you can rest easy knowing that we will conduct a full safety inspection to ensure all potential electrical hazards have been addressed. We also pride ourselves on our unbeatable service, ensuring your electrical work is conducted by licensed professionals and using only the highest quality certified products.

We service a range of commercial, industrial, and residential clients to provide general electrical installations, electrical maintenance and repairs and data and communications installations, as well as emergency servicing.

Warning Signs Of An Electrical Emergency

Electrical emergencies range from mild to severe, but regardless always need to be addressed by an emergency electrician Northside Brisbane immediately. Some of the warning signs to look out for include:

Electric Shocks

This can be caused by appliances being close to water, inadequately installed or maintained wiring or frayed cords.

Burning Smell

Take notice of any burning scents coming from electrical outlets, switches, or panels as this may be a sign of an electrical fire.

Flickering Lights

If you’re lights are flickering and a new bulb is not the solution, this may be a warning of bigger issues.

Burn Marks Inside Outlet

Blackened marks on the inside of your outlet are a sign of unnoticed sparks.


Strange sounds such as crackling could indicate the presence of internal sparks. If this happens, turn off your electricity from the breaker box immediately and call an emergency electrician Northside Brisbane.

Types of Electrical Emergencies We Service

Whether it be the cause of faulty wiring or outdated appliances, electrical emergencies should only be handled by an emergency electrician Northside Brisbane. Common in residential and commercial environments, the team at RL Electrical Contractors are prepared to handle any electrical emergency you may have.

Common types of electrical emergencies include power outages, which may be caused by fallen powerlines or frayed wiring. Also common are burnt outlets, which can be caused by an overload of pressure to a single outlet. This could be specifically dangerous as the heat generated from the outlet has the potential to catch alight.

The best way to prevent an electrical emergency in the first place is to always ensure that you are discarding old appliances, continuously updating your wiring, installing safety switches, and turning off appliances that are not being supervised. However, some electrical emergencies are unavoidable and require an emergency electrician Northside Brisbane.

If the warning signs are there and you think you might need professional help, contact an emergency electrician Northside Brisbane from RL Electrical Contractors to handle any potential electrical emergencies. Call us on 0431 147 899 for your emergency electrical service.


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